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Predictive index® is changing the way organizations optimize their people and excel in delivering strategy.

Equipping leaders at all levels, with scientifically validated human analytics, world-class digital platforms, education and professional services

Introducing Perform

The Gold Standard for People Strategy

The unique performance management software integrates behavioral science to develop managers, boost accountability, and engage teams daily.

Demos commencing on 6 February 2024.

Meet The Talent Optimization Platform

Predictive Index® allows HR professionals and leaders at all levels to screen potential candidates by evaluating personality traits connecting personal motivations and needs to fit within the workplace culture

PI Job Assessment

Source potential candidates even before the position opens.

PI Behavioural Assessment

Discover who your candidates truly are with our detailed personality assessment.

PI Cognitive Assessment

Predict a candidates ability to make decisions, learn, and adapt to different roles and environments.

Predictive Index® Assessment



You Have a Talent. We Have the Tools.

Hire the right people and maximize employee productivity. Learn how to apply PI solutions to develop and execute a talent optimization strategy.



Build dream teams with The Predictive Index® talent optimization platform.

Discover how individuals work together in teams.



Maximize Your Potential with Talent Development

Use People Data to gain deeper insights on how to build a workforce of top performers, while understanding and leveraging interpersonal dynamics

Introducing Team Discovery

Currently not playing to your strengths or your team’s strength, but know that you need to?.

See how your leadership style impacts different personalities on the team, and make adjustments to ensure each person feels set up to succeed.

We’re talking past one another, but we need to be more intentional and impactful in our interactions.

Uncover each team member’s unique behavioral style, and unlock a universal language that’ll have everyone on the same page.

We’re rowing in different directions and we need to be aligned in our synergy, decisions and delivery of results.

Gain alignment on your team’s strategic objectives. Know where your team is hardwired to succeed—and where you may need to call in reinforcements.

We’re struggling to measure success

Design makes teamwork measurable. Get scored on your level of cohesion, and make progress to build awareness and crush your goals



What causes low employee engagement ?

The PI Employee Experience Survey scientifically measures your employee experience across the four forces impacting engagement: –

The PI Employee Experience Survey interprets the results and delivers custom action plans so you can fix what’s broken or keep doing more of what’s working well.

Be a best place to work.

Discover how people data can benefit your workplace.

About Us

Leaderformance is a Predictive Index® Certified Partner. We empower clients throughout the UK and EU. Leaderformance uses the powerful Predictive Index® assessment solutions which, combined with our team’s passion for development and extensive corporate expertise, is applied to address the challenges faced by modern organizations.
Leaderformance is a Predictive Index® Certified Partner empowering clients throughout the UK and EU to address the challenges faced by modern organizations. Our clients excel in delivering business initiatives, optimizing people and teams, crafting their people strategy and creating the most desirable workplace where engaged employees succeed. Our passion for client success is driven through the powerful Predictive Index® assessment solutions, our leadership education and our team’s extensive corporate expertise..


Anthony Walley

Anthony Walley has 26 years leadership & consulting experience. An entrepreneur who’s mastered the cultivation of high-performing teams and organizations. As a certified Talent Optimization expert, he and his team enable organizations to execute strategy through their people. Anthony is adept at mentoring leaders in the use of business metrics to stay ahead of people and company needs. An expert at using people analytics, he equips leaders to uncover performance potential to create, develop and empower individuals, teams and organizations to perform at superior levels.

Empower Your Business

Empower Your Business

Experience how PI’s Talent Optimization Platform will help your: –

◉ Talent professionals rapidly craft a science-based talent strategy informed by the operational / Business plan

◉ Leaders hire with certainty, inspire their teams, and sustain lasting employee engagement,

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Gain deeper insights on your team with PI’s software.

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